SOL: Ikea Kitchens

Kitchen RightI love Ikea. I think it’s the eclecticness (of both the furniture and shoppers) that lends itself to my enjoyment of these sparse trips. Walking through the kitchen showroom, I couldn’t help but feel wafts of calm happiness.

I gazed at the set-ups- each one unique and intricate. I ran my hands along the smooth granite countertops. I opened each and every drawer and cabinet and flicked them shut. I eyed the beautiful organization of staged pots and pans, longing for such order in my own kitchen.

Someday, I will buy these cabinets to redesign my kitchen. For now, just visiting them will have to do.



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3 responses to “SOL: Ikea Kitchens

  1. Oooh… I was just talking about kitchen design a few minutes ago.

  2. Greetings Heather,
    Congrats on your Mrs. and your National Board Certification and your love of Ikea.
    The passion jumps off the page. I feel the same about my Apple store in our mall just down the road.
    Here’s to a great month of writing and sharing together,

  3. Oh, I love fantasizing about home redesign when I’m in Ikea! Their kitchens always get lots of attention from me, too.

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