Knock Out 3.0

It’s fun to think about the games I used to play as a kid and watch the way my students play them now. For instance, I remember the great fun of playing Knock Out at basketball camp each summer. It’s a fairly simple game. Everyone gets in line. The first two people have basketballs. The object is to make your shot before the person behind you does so that they don’t “knock” you “out.”

Today at recess, I was feeling especially sprightly (must have been the 60 degree weather and non-high heeled shoes), so I joined my boys in a game of Knock Out. My first turn up to the line I heaved up my shot, missed, and went to follow up but the student behind me already sank it from the foul line. Out already? Bah.

I walked to the side line to wait until the next game, when one of my students called, “Mrs. Greene, you still have three lives left.”

Perplexed, I asked, “Lives?”

“Yea. You know. Like video games… you started with four lives but you lost one so you have three left. You’re allowed to get back in line and keep playing.”

I didn’t argue or pull out the, “In my day…” statement, though I wanted to. I graciously accepted my offer to return and played the time away until my colleague blew the end of recess whistle. We never ended up with a winner. No one came close to loosing all of their lives. All of my boys were just happy to play non-competitively and I was glad to be brought up to speed.


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  1. Great slice! Such an interesting comment/observation on how technology has permeated even recess!

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