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Milkshakes Take Me Back

I remember the cold, silver tumbler the most

and being confused that you had to add chocolate syrup to a vanilla shake

and standing at Nana’s kitchen counter, Uncle Kevin scooping the ice cream from the container because I wasn’t strong enough (or patient enough to let it melt)

and adding too much milk that painted the walls and cabinets when I clicked on the switch

and sneaking in more chocolate syrup.

Today, when I order a milkshake at The Loop and watch them make it, it takes me back

to painting the kitchen milk white

to sucking the shake from the the cold, silver tumbler

to special moments with Nana and Uncle Kevin.

Milkshakes help me remember the things I miss about being a child

the people who have passed that loved me so much

the special moments I am sure to share with my own family.


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